We are Offering the Best Commercial Carp Lakes

We’re very excited to bring you a superb collection of European carp adventures hand picked by our very own Carp Crossing team. Ed Skillz and his wife Lara Fernandes-Skillz will help guide you through everything you need to know, from location details right through to booking your perfect angling holiday.

Island Lake

€998 per week - Optional Exclusive

This 14-hectare lake is varied with islands and balks in the middle. Avoid the crowdedness…

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1500 km (from Utrecht) 16 Swims 48 Anglers 28 (kg) Lake record

Carp Heaven

Carp Crossing lakes NEW
€333 per week - Optional Exclusive

The lake is more than 40 years old, but the fishing has…

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1350 km (from Utrecht) 25 Swims 62 Anglers 29 (kg) Lake record

Neverland Lake

€899 per week - Optional Exclusive

There are two lakes on the property. The older one is about…

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1150 km (from Utrecht) 5 Swims 16 Anglers 25 (kg) Lake record

Valley Lake

Almost Full
€499 per week - Optional Exclusive

This lake is about 50 years old, and about 30 hectare with crystal-clear…

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1400 km (from Utrecht) 10 Swims 20 Anglers 29 (kg) Lake record

Paradise Lake

€1,299 per week - Optional Exclusive

This 18 hectare lake is varied with 7 islands and balks in the…

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1412 km (from Utrecht) 15 Swims 45 Anglers 30 (kg) Lake record

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Out of the Depths

How deep do carp like water when feeding? The answer to this question is hard to answer with…

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