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Bin el Ouidane - Morocco
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CCL-019 3000 km (from Utrecht) 20 Swims 36 Anglers 33 (kg) Lake record 3000 hectares

Lake Bin el Ouidane (apprx. 3000 ha) is home to some of the largest Carp in the world with a current fully scaled mirror lake record of a 73.6 lbs (33.4 kg) by Ralf Emmerich from Germany. Biggest common carp caught weight 62.4 pounds (28.4 kg) by Timo Schöttke from Germany.

The Carp are still young, stocked in 1994 from a fast growing strain of Hungarian linear mirror. Circa 90% of the carp are commons, the remaining 10% consists out of mirror, linear, leather and full scaled carps. The lake also holds an impressive head of Black Bass, Pike, Zander, Roach and Tench.


Morocco has the same seasons to Europe.

We are lucky to have a wonderful climate on the lake, the winters are sunny and warm and water temps remain relatively high. Its why so many choose BEO from september to April, you can escape the cold, grey European winters and fish in warmth and sun..Due to the high winter temps the fish continue feeding and do not slow down as we find in europe.

Winter is not how we know it in europe, its only 2 months and the weather at the height of winter on the lake is glorious. Daytime temps in winter are often 15-20degrees, clear blue sky’s and fresh sunny days. There is a slight drop in night time temps in winter, but nothing drastic. The numbers of fish are not as major as in the other seasons, but the average weight is increased massively. The winter is a time when we start to see the real big fish turning up.

As spring approaches the snow capped surrounding mountains start to melt, there is a greater chance of rain and the lake starts to rise rapidly. As a result the carp start to make their way into the shallower waters to graze on the grass and also to begin spawning. Many belive this to be the best time to be on the lake, with a mix of good numbers of fish with the big fish feeding amongst the shoals. AVERAGE DAYTIME TEMPS IN SPRING 20-28 degrees.

As the intense Moroccan summer becomes milder and more bearable, the carp can begin to feed heavily. Many shoals of carp can often be found moving closer in to feed, and out of the deep summer water. They had some great results in the Autumn, it’s by far one of the more productive seasons to be on BEO. Average day time temps 20-30 degrees.

Summer is hot on BEO, temps can rise to almost 40 degrees. The fish still continue to feed however they start to hold in deeper water, we have areas that are ideal summer swims, and some guys prefer the summer months for the fishing over other months.


Carp were first introduced to BEO in 1994. The fish originated from a beautiful hungarian strain of fast growing carp. Left alone for many many years, these carp thrived on an abundance of natural food, year round warm waters allowing for spawning to happen throughout the year, and a thriving aquatic ecosystem.

Common Carp make roughly 80% of the carps stock, these commons are immaculate, healthy, uncaught, powerful fish, that fight like mad!
The Mirrors are possibly some of the most stunning, beautiful scale patterned mirrors you’ll ever find, and are the dream target for many of our guests..
To put a figure on the number of fish would be virtually impossible, we are talking an impressive stock of Wild carp of unknown proportions.

When fishing first started in 2006, there were thousands of average 30lb+ fish, today these fish are now 40lb and bigger. The record Mirror stands at 72lb/ the record Common 28.4kilos 63lbs.
Now there is found two fish one of 93lb and another of 70lb caught by locals, so we expect there to be a surprise or two waiting to happen. There is every chance BEO holds fish that would shock the international carp world, its just a matter of time..The unknown potential of what the lake could hold is the ultimate drive for many that fish here. There are few places left in carp fishing today where there is still a sense of the unknown and mystery…


On side they provide you with new, well maintained, reliable equipment, that will handle the nature of fishing on BEO, the gear should be used and not abused as getting every item of carp tackle to morocco takes great effort and time to drive it from Europe to the lake…

  • VORTEX DELUX 2.85 and 3.30m BOATS
  • FULL HEAVY DUTY, SPACIOUS, MASSIVE CAMO TENTS, (bigger than any carp bivvy on the market)

What you need to bring
All guest must bring the following:

  • SLEEPING BAG( light weight bag for warmer months)
  • 3 REELS

If you wish to use your own sonars, please bring this. Equally if you wish to use your own rods, please bring these. You do not have to use the gear if you prefer to bring your own.

Maize has been used by most anglers on BEO for a number of years. The carp simply love it, its cheap and can be prepared by the guides ready for use or you can prepare it yourself. On side they provide all the required cooking equipment for anglers to prepare their own maize in bulk..

We have noticed that those preparing the maize properly have better results than those that dont. So please soak the maize for a number of days and boil for many hours until its cracked and ‘very soft’. Many anglers choose to bring liquids to flavour their maize, this has worked very well. Scopexs, molasses, fish oils, Maple, sweeteners etc have all done well.

The guides spent much time at the start, putting together a quality mix for a boillie that now is rolled fresh to clients orders each day.
You order on the day and your order is deliverd the very next morning.
This is a high quality premium fishmeal, bought fresh directly from a Moroccan supplier that produces and exports to europe.
This Fishmeal is used at a rate of 50% along with a number of other quality ingredients and a premium fish oil.
So far this bait has out fished any bait bought over from europe, we strongly advise people to not waste baggage money bringing your own bait.

Atlas boilies €6 a kilo
Honey flavoured pro soaked maize €25 for a 20 kilo barrel

Pop ups etc, please bring any pop ups or special hook baits you prefer. Oils liquids etc have all worked well recently…



The guides are responsible for setting up all camps, guests are not expected to independently put up tents or break down tents/camps alone or load boats when moving swims.
Most camps will be set up and ready prior to your arrival, so you can simply get fishing immediately on the day you start.
The guides work hard to give you a totally stress free fishing trip, so you can focus solely on just the fishing and enjoying the sun and surroundings.

Airport transfer
The driver Josef, a great friendly guy who is fluent in english, German and a little French will be waiting to pick you up, at either Casablanca or Marrakesh, any day, any time. The journey to the lake is wonderful, as you pass through the vibrant, colourful, bustling city’s of Casablanca or Marrakesh, slowly making your way up into the spectacular and tranquil Atlas mountains. You will eventually be greeted with the most wonderful sight of BEO as you drop into the valley that surrounds this magical place.
The drive to the lake is a few hours and is often loved by all our guests, its a great initial insight into moroccan life and a wonderful way to build up the anticipation of arriving on the lake.

On arrival to the hotel, you will be greated with a meal and drinks, take a swim in our pool, chat to the guides or other anglers arriving or leaving, or just sit back and take in the views over the lake.

Hotel Bin El Ouidane, perched on the edge of the lake offering breathtaking views is a hotel with great charm.
You will be looked after by the friendly moroccan staff, who will be on hand to help you with anything you wish.

The hotel itself is beautiful and has been used by Moroccan royalty.

The guides will be available here as they finish their shift each day, and will be happy to share a beer and discuss the lake and how its fishing, filling you in with all the up to date info on where to head to and how to approach each swim. A night in the hotel before and after your session is favoured by most. For many families or couples wishing to fish BEO, the hotel is used as a base, fishing by day and staying at the hotel by night, its a stone throw from the lake and the area of lake directly in front of the hotel has been the most productive area on the lake so far, it seems to hold fish week in week out all year round.

Whether you are staying on the lake or at the hotel, our top moroccan Chef Nordine, prepares delicious traditional moroccan cuisine each day. These meals are delivered to your swim each morning.

We provide breakfast lunch and dinner daily. Every camp will be provided with a breakfast box. Daily deliveries of fresh bread, fruit and moroccan breakfast (musammen or harsha). If you have any dietary requirements the chef will prepare meals accordingly.

Packaging €70 p.p.p.d.


  • Vortex Boat
  • Lowrance sonar
  • Nash rods (3 per person)
  • Landing net, unhooking mat & weight sling
  • Bank sticks (6 per person)


  • Tent (3×2 meter, standing hight)
  • Shadow shelter
  • Battery (12V) for charging phones, etc.
  • Table and carp fishing chairs
  • Big stove, big bottle of gas
  • Small cooking stove, small bottle of gas
  • Cool box (for food and drinks) with ice
  • Full set of cooking material (pot, pan and cattle)
  • Olive oil, salt, pepper and various moroccan spices
  • Cup, knife, fork and spoon
  • Big cooking pot (particles)
  • Big barrel (particles storage)
  • Big cooking pot (particles) and a big barrel (particles storage)
  • Safety jacket
  • Emergency phone + first-aid kit
  • Lake side toilet

Fishing license

  • 24 hours day & night lake side fishing. Max 3 rods per person.


  • Breakfast box
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Daily deliveries of fresh fruit & bread

Lakeside Menu

  • All orders placed to our guide will be delivered by the service boat the day after.
  • We offer sodas, beer, cigarettes, boilies, maize, snickers, fruit, etc.

Service boat/Daily services

  • Daily delivery of food, water, ice, batteries for electric motor as well as orders from previous day.
  • Entry/Exit the lake.
  • Move to new swim.


  • Our guides visits each camp once a day for guidance, carp talk and for taking orders.

It’s possible to book an airport transfer (€30 p.p.) and hotel room (€35 p.p.p.n.)

Additional Details

  • Name of the lake: Bin el Ouidane
  • Price per week: €490 per person
  • Price non-angler per week: in consultation
  • Lake size: 3000 hectares
  • Amount of swims: 36
  • Max amount of anglers: 20
  • Lake record mirror: 33 kg+
  • Distance from Utrecht: 3000 km
  • Distance from Calais: 2800 km
  • Opening season: All Year
  • Soil: Rocky, soft, clay
  • Depth: 1 till 50+ meter
  • Obstacles: Weeds, rocks, brenches
  • Crayfish/ catfish: a few
  • Other species: Black Bass, Pike, Zander, Roach and Tench
  • Swim accessible by car: Some
  • Amount of rods: 3
  • Toilets: 1
  • Showers: Non
  • Kitchen: Non
  • Fridge: Non
  • Bailiff on site: Guides when needed
  • Wifi: No
  • Accomodation: Bivvy only
  • Bait boats: Allowed
  • Tackleshop: No
  • Arrival: in consultation

Floor Plans

Lake map

3000 Hectares
€490 Per week

Bin el Ouidane – Morocco

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Bin el Ouidane
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Agent Lara Skillz

  • Mobile : +316-1261-9995
  • WhatsApp : +316-1261-9995

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