Domaine Lahille

Lavernose Lacasse - France
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CCL-004 1150 km (from Utrecht) 3 Swims 5 Anglers 30 (kg) Lake record 6 hectares

In this region full of lakes, at 25 kilometer south of Toulouse there is this beautiful with trees surrounded Domaine Lahille. In this green area with many bird species there is always movement in and around the water.

To book a nice spot at this lake it is only possible to make an exclusive booking. There is place for a maximum of five anglers.
Since 2016 Domaine Lahille belongs to very friendly French man and after 25 years being closed for public, it is open for anglers.
With two swims for two persons and one swim for one person, this 15 acres big lake gives enough space for the anglers.
The water is crystal clear and has an everage depth of 5 meters. Because the water is so clear the open spaces between the weed are clearly visible.
The soil mainly consists of sand, mud and pebbles.
We recommended always fishing with braid in combination with a shock leader.

There is a stock of 250 carps up to 30 kilo. Besides the good stock of mirrors and commons, there are three sturgeons, a catfish and some kois. The quality of the water is excellent. In this water are living lobsters, oisters, jelly fish and mussels.

There is a club house that can be used and at two swims are complete with a toilet.
Two boats (with electric motor and battery) are available and are included by the price.
A shower is placed at the domain in of spring 2017.
Power is generated by solar panels.

Domaine Lahille is in the management of three very spontaneous and helpful French men (English speaking). Both in giving tips & tricks and bringing some necessary things from the supermarket they offer a helping hand. These men will do everything to make the guests feel at home.
Pellets, ready made maïs, tigernuts and hemp can be purchased on order.
At less than five minutes drive there is a supermarket, pizzeria, bakery, pharmacy and tobacco shop.

Sleeping only in the own bivvy. During the day the club house can be used.

Additional Details

  • Name of the lake: Domaine Lahille
  • Price per week: €1000 (exclusive)
  • Exclusive hire per week: €1000 max 5 anglers
  • Price non-angler per week: Non
  • Lake size: 6 hectares
  • Amount of swims: 3
  • Max amount of anglers: 5
  • Lake record mirror: 30 kg+
  • Lake record scale: 22 kg+
  • Amount of carp: 250+
  • Distance from Utrecht: 1050 km
  • Distance from Calais: 990 km
  • Departement: Haute-Garonne
  • Opening season: All Year
  • Soil: Hard, rocky
  • Depth: 0.6 till 5 meter
  • Obstacles: Lilliypads, weedbeds
  • Crayfish/ catfish: Yes
  • Other species: Tench, pike, sturgeons, koi
  • Swim accessible by car: No
  • Amount of rods: 3
  • Toilets: 1
  • Showers: 1
  • Kitchen: 1
  • Fridge: 1
  • Electricity: Yes, using solar panels
  • Bailiff on site: Yes
  • Wifi: No
  • Accomodation: Bivvy only
  • Bait boats: Allowed
  • Closed fence: Yes
  • Distance till supermarket: 15 minutes
  • Distance till hospital: 30 minutes
  • Tackleshop: No
  • Arrival: 11:00-15:00
  • Departure: Before 10:00

Floor Plans

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6 Hectares
€1,000 Per week

Domaine laHille

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Domaine Lahille
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Agent Lara Skillz

  • Mobile : +316-1261-9995
  • WhatsApp : +316-1261-9995

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