Etang de la Saussaie

Méréville - France
Triangle 1 Created with Sketch. France Triangle 1 Created with Sketch. €245 per week - Optional Exclusive
CCL-003 488 km (from Utrecht) 18 Swims 36 Anglers 31 (kg) Lake record 23 hectares

Etang de la Saussaie is a lake of 23 hectares in the north of France. When you drive from the Netherlands through Luxembourg, there is no toll road.
The owner is a friendly French man who speaks a little bit of English as well.
The lake counts 20 spacious swims, some of them suited for two persons. When you make a booking, you can give your preferences for a specific swim.

The lake is an old gravel-/sandpit; the soil mainly excists of sand and some gravelbanks. The average depth of the lake is 2.70 meter. Because of the variable character the use of a boat is an absolute must. This has to do with the many obstacles as trees and water lilies. Towards these obstacles we advise the use of nylon leader.

The stock of Etang de la Saussaie is very good. Every year the stock will be consummated with new carps (mirror- and common carps). The average weight of the carp is around 15 kilo. Some carps are above 30 kilo and the lake record is now 31,8 kilo. Besides carp, you might catch sturgeon, catfish, pike or grasscarp.

You can find a basic shower and a toilet at the other side of the road wich belong to Petit etang de la Saussaie.

The small lake is up for rent only as an exclusive with a maximum of 3 anglers.

Because the owner wants to let the nature goes it’s own way, there is not many service. Despite the low level of luxury, there are three rowing boats for rent.
At less than a 5 minute drive you can find stores for the daily groceries.
Dogs are allowed but the lake owner must be informed before arrival and dogs must be kept on a lead.

At Etang de la Saussaie there is no accomodation.
Anglers can only fish from their own green/camouflage bivvy.

Additional Details

  • Name of the lake: Etang de la saussaie
  • Price per week: €245 per person
  • Price per day: € 45
  • Exclusive hire per week: not possible
  • Price non-angler per week: Gratis
  • Lake size: 23 hectares
  • Amount of swims: 18
  • Max amount of anglers: 36
  • Lake record mirror: 31 kg+
  • Lake record scale: 28 kg+
  • Amount of carp: 1000+
  • Distance from Utrecht: 488 km
  • Distance from Calais: 474 km
  • Departement: Meurthe-et-Moselle
  • Opening season: from 1th of march till 1th of november
  • Soil: Hard, silty
  • Depth: 1.2 till 3.5 meter
  • Obstacles: Lilliypads, tree's, bushes
  • Crayfish/ catfish: Yes
  • Other species: Tench, pike, bream, sturgeon
  • Swim accessible by car: Yes
  • Amount of rods: 3
  • Toilets: Only at Petit etang de la Saussaie
  • Showers: 1
  • Kitchen: No
  • Fridge: No
  • Electricity: No
  • Bailiff on site: No
  • Wifi: No
  • Accomodation: Bivvy only
  • Bait boats: Allowed
  • Closed fence: Yes, partially
  • Distance till supermarket: 15 minutes
  • Distance till hospital: 30 minutes
  • Tackleshop: No
  • Arrival: 11:00
  • Departure: Before 10:00

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23 Hectares
€245 Per week

Etang de la Saussaie

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