Etang du Peuplier

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CCL-008 450 km (from Utrecht) 2 Swims 4 Anglers 26 (kg) Lake record 2.5 hectares

At only a 4,5 hour drive from Utrecht you can find Etang du Peuplier in an area full of lakes. A beautiful lake of 7,2 acres in the middle of a green region along the river l’Oise.

The average depth of Etang du Peuplier is 3 meter with the deepest spot at 3,5 meter.
It has a sandly soil with some weed. This is a good lake for even the beginner as the advanced angler. Because of the short trip it is a perfect destination for a (long) weekend away, but also to book for a whole week.


Besides the little crabs who live here because of the good water quality, there are three koi, many mirror- and common carps, two sturgeons and some grass carps. The heaviest carp is 26 kilo and there are many carps between the 10 and 19 kilo.

The ‘back to basic’ anglers will love it at Etang du Peuplier.
There are two double swims, but when the lake is booked exclusive there is a third swim to use as well for a maximum of five anglers.
The swims look nice with gravel and grass and both swims have their own, simple, toilet. There is no shower, but there is a sink.

The young owner, Julien, will visit the lake daily.
At a few minutes drive there are two big supermarkets, two pizzeria’s and a kebab shop.
Not unimportant to tell is that there is a tackle shop in the village as well.

Etang du Peuplier does not have an accommodation so you need to bring your own bivvy.

Additional Details

  • Name of the lake: Etang du Peuplier
  • Price per week: €245 per person
  • Price per day: € 45 per person
  • Exclusive hire per week: On request
  • Price non-angler per week: Free
  • Lake size: 2.5 hectares
  • Amount of swims: 2
  • Max amount of anglers: 4
  • Lake record: 26 kg+
  • Amount of carp: ?
  • Distance from Utrecht: 450 km
  • Distance from Calais: 238 km
  • Departement: L'Oise
  • Opening season: ?
  • Soil: Sandly soil with some weed
  • Depth: 3 till 3.5 meter
  • Obstacles: Weeds
  • Crayfish/ catfish: Yes
  • Other species: Tench, pike, grass carp, sturgeon
  • Swim accessible by car: Yes
  • Amount of rods: 3
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Showers: No
  • Kitchen: No
  • Fridge: No
  • Electricity: No
  • Bailiff on site: No
  • Wifi: No
  • Accomodation: Bivvy only
  • Bait boats: Allowed
  • Closed fence: Yes, partially
  • Distance till supermarket: 5 minutes
  • Distance till hospital: 30 minutes
  • Tackleshop: Closeby
  • Arrival: 11:00-14:00
  • Departure: Before 10:00

Floor Plans

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2.5 Hectares
€245 Per week

Etang du Peuplier

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Etang du Peuplier
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Agent Lara Skillz

  • Mobile : +316-1261-9995
  • WhatsApp : +316-1261-9995

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