Island Lake

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CCL-007 1500 km (from Utrecht) 16 Swims 48 Anglers 28 (kg) Lake record 14 hectares

This 14-hectare lake is varied with islands and balks in the middle. Avoid the crowdedness only 16 angler stands were formed with pier and boat. On seven stands are chalets. They are equipped with two bunk beds, a fridge and a microwave. In cold weather, we can assure heating. The piers are just five meters from the chalets. The lake is between 1,5-2 meters deep.

Lots of giant carps are waiting for you. There are carp over 60lb. The most of the carps are between 25-45lb. There are also huge grass carps and sturgeons, they both are up to 65lb. The sturgeons are really unique and fight very hard. During your time we are sure that you will catch a couple of them, which will be real fun.

There is hot water shower and toilet at the lake. The area is really clean and the grass is cut regularly. The lunch is delivered to your door, so you do not have to stop fishing if you get hungry. If you want to have a break in your fishing you can visit the wellness spa or taste traditional Hungarian food in the local csárda (restaurant).

The yearly Hungarian fishing licence is mandatory, but of course we can help you to get it if you do not have it already!

Bivvy or chalet.

The prices are not per person, but per swim/house. So, if more anglers are coming, they can share the price.

BASIC package (accommodation in own tent)

333€/person/week/ if 3 people are coming
499€/person/week/ if 2 people are coming

BASIC package (accommodation in chalet)

433€/person/week/ if 3 people are coming
650€/person/week/ if 2 people are coming

VIP package (accommodation in chalet)

533€/person/week/ if 3 people are coming
799€/person/week/ if 2 people are coming

Additional Details

  • Name of the lake: Island Lake
  • Price per week: €999 per swim
  • Exclusive hire per week: €12000
  • Price non-angler per week: Free
  • Lake size: 14 hectares
  • Amount of swims: 16
  • Max amount of anglers: 48
  • Lake record: 27 kg+
  • Departement: Hungary
  • Soil: Soft, silty
  • Depth: 1 till 2 meter
  • Obstacles: Branches
  • Other species: Tench, pike, grass carp, sturgeon
  • Swim accessible by car: Yes
  • Amount of rods: 2
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Showers: Yes
  • Kitchen: No
  • Fridge: Yes
  • Electricity: Yes
  • Accomodation: Bivvy & chalet
  • Bait boats: Allowed
  • Closed fence: Yes
  • Tackleshop: No

Floor Plans

Lake map

14 Hectares
€999 Per week

Island Lake

Area Map

Agent Lara Skillz

  • Mobile : +316-1261-9995
  • WhatsApp : +316-1261-9995

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