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Three day solo session in France

solo fishing in france

It was somewhere around September last year that I traveled to Etang de la Sausaie. This lakes is located around 450 km from Utrecht. So it is quite a short trip by car if you drive at the right times. This lakes has some really amazing structures in the lake. It looks a bit like a flooded mountainvalley. There are a lot of trees and washed out islands in the lake. This makes the fishing a bit harder but more challenging as well.

After my last day at my job I stepped in the already packed car to start the drive tot he lake. This was around 5 o clock in the afternoon. I drove straight in the amsterdam traffic jam. Great start of the trip but thats a normal start when you are driving from my hometown. After a couple of hours i took the usual stop at the Mc Donald. Who hasnt done that during the trip to france. After a quick meal I cotinued the trip. At around 1 o’ clock at night I arived at the location. It was pitch black already but I knew the lake because I’ve been there a couple of times. This session I was fishing from peg 2 that is the first peg after the gate. This peg is full of obstacles so this was gonna be challenging. after an hour I was ready to get the first rod out.

The first rod was placed next to a flooded island in front of the peg. This is at about 50 meters from the peg so it is doable by casting but I prefer to use my boat. The reason I use my boat fort his short spot is to be sure it is in the right place and untangled. After I did my first rod it was time to do the second one. This one was also against the same flooded island but on the other side of the island. Normally this was a spot that produced most of the takes. So I decided to fish two rods against the island. After the second one it was time fort he third one. For my third rod I was thinking of a spot on the right side of the peg. On this side of the peg are a lot of trees and other obstacles. Is is an even harder spot to fish compared tot he other two spots. This is because you fish around a corner with a bankstick.

When I was totally ready to get some sleep and was already in the sleepingbag the right hand rod got a take. So I jumped out of bed and jumped in the boat. Despite the quick reaction I lost the fish in the trees. After losing the fish I quickly refreshed my bait on the boat and returned the rig on the same spot. After this take it was quiet for a couple of hours till 5 o clock in the morning. After 5 o clock the bites were just going one after another and it was a big chaos. Especially when your solo and have to do it al by yourself. Talking about challenging again. Within a couple of hours I got about 6 takes where I lost half of the fish in the snags. There is nothing to do about it because the fish on sausaie are really strong and healthy. In the first day I caught about 5 fish no big ones but I was having a lot of fun with a lot of action and thats way more important to go for the big ones. Enjoy every moment when your fishing.

The second day was a little bit different. The weather was bad with a lot of rain and really strong wind. It was even a challenge to get the rods out with the strong wind. The wind was even so strong at a moment that I had to secure everything on the peg to avoid damage to my gear. After the strorm the bites started again. Not a lot of bites but I had some bites. The fish also started to grow a bit every bite. I was able to land 3 fish before sunset. I was even able to land a double take with two rods in the boat. I should have filmed that one!!! After the double take I reeled in the rods to cook myself a proper meal to get some extra energy fort the coming night.

After dinner i went on the water again to get the rods back out. For this night i decided to do a little bit different. I started fishing with one rod against the island and two rods on the right hand side. I did this because almost al the takes came from the right side. This wasnt a good choice and those rods stayed quiet fort he whole night and i had two takes from the island. After i made some pictures after sunrise i did the rods again. This time they were placed at the original spots. It was already 12 o clock and had about 24 hours left before i had to go home. I hoped for a hectic night and it happened. I almost had no sleep and was nonstop on the water to try to get the bites in the net. This was a bit though in complete darkness between the snags but i managed to catch 4 fish during the night and lost about 5 in some weird ways. I broke a hook, i broke my rig dont ask me how i did it because im still trying to figure those two out. And i lost 3 in the snags. After sunrise i made some pictures of the last two fis hand started to pack up.

It was a great three day solo session and i will be back for revanche. See you soon Sausaie


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