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HammerBag HT Large

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HammerBag HT – size L

Due to an increasing demand from hardcore anglers we have equipped our popular HammerBag with a hardtop (HT) cover.

The HammerBag HT is the perfect solution for all anglers who want to leave their bags out in the rain for a time. So when you are fishing without a brolly, when you fish from the boat or when you have so much tackle with you that it doesn’t fit under your brolly, the hardtop version of our HammerBag could be the perfect choice of bag for you.

The HT version has three advantages:

  1. Due to an overlapping cover the zip is located beneath the upper edge of the bag. This results in good protection against the rain when the cover is properly closed – even with an open zip
  2. The rigid cover makes the bag even more stackable and
  3. The bag can also be used like a bivvy table

The other features of the normal L version did not change:

  • A really large and smooth YKK-zip that is extraordinarily robust
  • Practical shape and ideal measurements that make the bag ideal for storage under the bedchair and for loading the car, trolley or boat: packing is fast and very convenient
  • Several bags together give a very practical and flat platform to stack more material on top of it
  • Inconspicuous green and double-stitched and adjustable straps that are long enough to use the bag like a Rucksack
  • Loadable with up to 20 kg allow endless possibilities for loading

The HammerBag HT size L is for example suited for:

  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Cooking equipment
  • Larger camera equipment and other electronic devices
  • (Wet) waders / waderpants
  • Large tackle
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