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Jetboil Minimo Realtree

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Jetboil's most popular regulated system, the MiniMo is the ideal individual cooking system. Thanks to the sturdy metal handles and redesigned cooking cup optimized for a low spoon angle — you get an easy-to-cook, easy-to-eat experience, every time. The MiniMo includes our proprietary regulator technology for unbeatable simmer control and reliable cold-weather performance — down to 20°F (- 6°C).

  • Color Realtree
  • Weight 415g/14.6oz
  • Power 6000BTU/h/1.75kW
  • Volume 1ltr
  • Boil Time 2m 15sec per 0.5ltr
  • Water Boiled 12ltr per 100g Jetpower can
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